Sunday, October 7, 2012

Factors that contribute to successful baking

1. Have a genuine desire for baking.
2. Understand the properties and characteristics of your ingredients.
3. Know the correct methods/ techniques in mixing butters and the dough according to the desired products.
4. Use good quality ingredients.
5. Use standarized recipes - means the recipes have been tried and tested as to method of mixing proportion of ingredients used and the expected quality of the bake products.
6. Measure or weigh ingredients accurately.
7. Use the right size and kind of pans.
8. Check the oven temperature.
9. Use efficient equipment and tools/ utensils.
10. Install sufficient lightning and proper ventilation system.
11. Develop good work habits.
12. Develop the right attitudes.
13. Keep a breast with the times.

Common Malpractice in Baking

1. disregard of basic guidelines.
2. improper production scheduling.
3. production losses.
     a. Mixing loss- due to inaccurate scaling.
    b. Fermentation loss- some of the flour mixture sticks to the bowls or trough.
4. record keeping is neglected.

Bakes Products in Introduced to Filipinos

A. Spaniards

    1. tocino del cielo
    2. braso de mercedes
    3. ensaimada de madrid

B. Americans

    1. pies
    2. pastries
    3. pancakes

Ingredients to success in Baking

1. careful planning
2. thorough implementation of plans
3. genuine interest in the undertaking

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